Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Safety within the School Compound

Dear Students,

We would like to seek your cooperation to work with the school in ensuring your safety, coming to and leaving school. It is important to keep aware of safety measures and be mindful of the dangers presented. 
  • Practice the kerb drill before crossing - “look right, look left, look right again, ensure all vehicles have stopped, raise your hand high up and cross the road briskly”.
  • Use the pedestrian crossing, and avoiding jaywalking or using a handphone while crossing.
  • If you must cycle to school, ensure that you abide by road traffic rules and that you are a competent cyclist.   
  • Do not bring expensive personal belongings to the school. Cultivate good habits and take care of your personal belongings
Together, we strive to make the campus a safe environment that is conducive to the learning needs of our fellow classmates. 

Do visit the school website for a list of SST Code of Conduct.


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