Sunday, September 1, 2013

Book Donation Drive in aid of the Dignity Mama Stall

Dear Students,

In conjunction with the Staff Appreciation Week 2013, the SST Admin team will be organizing a Book Donation Drive in aid of the Dignity Mama Stall (which is another initiative of Dignity Kitchen to create activity avenue for intellectually challenged youth other than running a food stall). You may find out more information about Dignity Kitchen via its official website and Facebook Page ( 

Details of the collection as follows:

What are we collecting?
Storybooks, Comics, Management Books, Encyclopedias, Magazines, Arts & Craft books, Autobiographies...etc

Collection Dates
2nd Sept to 4th Sept 2013

Where to drop the books?
SST Atrium (please drop your books into the provided cartons)

Important Note!
Please do ensure that the books and magazines are in ‘presentable’ state as these books will be in turn be sold as 2nd-hand books by beneficiaries of Dignity ‘Mama’ Stall to members of the public to raise funds.

"No help is considered too minimal. It is the thought, heart and humility that matters!"

Ms Christine Quan
On behalf of the SST Admin Team


  1. Ms Loh, I believe that the first word of the heading is misspelled as it is spelt as 'ook' instead of 'book'.

    1. Phone Naing

      Thanks for pointing out.
      I've updated the title :)


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