Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sec 2 Outdoor Education Overnight Expedition 2013

Dear Students,

Please note that there will be a briefing for the Sec 2 Outdoor Education Overnight Expedition as follows:

Date: 23 August 2013
Time: Assembly Period (1155 hrs to 1245 hrs)
Venue: Indoor Sports Hall

You are required to bring along the following items:
1) Writing material,
2) Acknowledgement form duely signed by parents (This will be issued to you on 16 August 2013). 

Please also take note of the following schedule for the expedition:
From                                     To                                        Class
30 Aug 2013 (2pm)      31 Aug 2013 (1pm)         S2-01 S2-02, S2-03
11 Oct 2013 (2pm)        12 Oct 2013 (1pm)          S2-04, S2-05, S2-06
18 Oct 2013 (2pm)        19 Oct 2013 (1pm)          S2-07, S2-08, S2-09

 Remarks: Students are to report to the ISH at 2pm on the day they are leaving.

 Thank you.

Mr Jerome Tan, Ms Andrea Koh

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