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[ For parents, through students] SST Character Awards 2013

Dear students, kindly disseminate the following piece of info to your parents:

SST Character Awards 2013


SST aims to provide a holistic education to all our students, centred on the inculcation of values and character.  Currently, there is a range of Edusave Awards that recognize outstanding students, such as the Edusave Scholarship. To send a strong signal that good character is as important as academic achievements, MOE has introduced the Edusave Character Award (ECHA), to be given to Singaporean students who have shown exemplary values, character and civic responsibility through their behavior and actions and who strive to overcome the odds. This award is in line with SST’s emphasis on Character, Leadership and Citizenship Education, and will support our school’s continuing efforts in nurturing students of sound character and good values.  

In addition, to allow non-Singaporean students with good character to be recognized, SST will award a SST Character Award which was introduced last year in 2012.   In summary, all students, regardless of nationality, are eligible for the SST Character Award.  On top of the SST Character Award, Singaporeans are eligible for the Edusave Character Award (i.e. A Singaporean can be awarded both the SST and Edusave Character Award).

Eligibility Criteria

SST Character Award nominees must fulfill the following criteria:
  1. 1. Have consistently demonstrated exemplary values, character and civic responsibility through their behavior and actions. Students may be identified for the following qualities:
  1. i. Qualities associated with any of the school values (e.g. Respect for self and others, Responsibility for their actions, Active builders of positive Relationships; and Reflective learners); 
  2. ii. Demonstrated exemplary civic responsibility (e.g. played an active role in addressing issues faced by the community); and
  3. iii. Shown remarkable resilience and tenacity in overcoming difficult circumstances. 
  1. 2. Must have a Conduct Grade of ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’. 
  1. 3. Must have at least a Competent grade for all the 10Cs criteria in the domains of Personal Effectiveness and Inter-personal Effectiveness at the end of 2013. 

In addition, ECHA nominees must be Singapore Citizens.

Note: Students may be nominated regardless of their academic standing provided that they meet the above criteria (e.g. weak academic results due to difficulties beyond the student’s control). 


Recipients of the SST Character Award will receive a certificate and an award of $100 book voucher (Total of $1,800). 

Similar to other Edusave awards, recipients of the ECHA will receive a certificate.  The award quantum is $500.  These will be presented at the grassroots’ level at later date.  

Character Award Selection Process

Nominations for Character Award is entirely based on nomination by a peer, seconded by an adult (teacher, staff of SST and/or parent). Nominations may be made by an adult, seconded by a peer. Self-nominations are not allowed. 

The Character Award selection process comprises of 5 stages, namely:
  1. 1. Nomination
  2. 2. Shortlisting
  3. 3. Selection
  4. 4. Endorsement
  • Avaliability of Forms – The SST Character Award nomination form will be made available at the General Office, at the school website (Parent’s Corner) and students’ googlesite
  • Nomination Period - Nominations will begin on 16 August 2013 and close on 30 August 2013 (1 p.m.) 
  • Submission of Forms - All submissions to be made, in hard copy, at the General Office by 30 August 2013 (1 p.m.). 
Miss Camellia Lee

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