Sunday, June 2, 2013

iZ HERO Exhibition @ Science Centre

Science Centre has recently launched an exhibition, iZ HERO Exhibition, where children can learn how to navigate cyber space safely and responsibly.  The exhibition aims to help children learn about safe and responsible online behaviour through the online game and physical exhibition. Through game play, children are taught about the many danger signs that lurk in the online community.  This is complemented by the exhibition, which makes online characters in the world of iZ HERO come to life.

As this exhibition provides a fun and interactive way for children to learn about responsible digital citizenry,  schools can bring their students to visit the exhibition to complement their existing cyber wellness programmes.  Schools can also encourage parents to bring their children there as educational information on cyber wellness are available for parents.  This provides opportunity for parents to learn alongside their children and they can help to support the cyber wellness education of their children beyond school.

Highlights of the exhibition, targeted at students below the age of 14, include interactive games, quizzes, multimedia presentations and augmented reality exhibits. An online portal has also been developed to supplement the exhibition.

This is a key project supported by the Inter-Ministry Cyber Wellness Steering Committee (ICSC).  The official launch of the exhibition on 20 May 2013 was reported in the press, such as Straits Times and TODAY and the exhibition will be at the Science Centre till 2016.

Details on the exhibition can be found in the  eDM appended below.  For more information on the exhibition, please visit : or you can contact Science Centre directly.

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