Thursday, June 20, 2013

Inter-House Cosplay Challenge & Dress and Pledge 2013

When is this happening?
During Dress and Pledge 2013 on Youth Day Celebrations. The competition itself is during assembly period of the first week of July.

What categories are there for the Inter-House Cosplay Challenge?
1)      Best characterization
Best characterization is based on how the character is closest to the original in terms of performance and costume (costume does not have to be self made).
Each character is given a maximum of 3 minutes to perform. The choice of performance is based on what your character is. For example: If she is a vocaloid, then singing and movement is expected or if the character is one from a first person shooter game then the actions have to be appropriate to that character.
An emcee can be used to introduce the character and storyline. Do remember not everyone watches the same anime, play the same games, read the same books or watch the same movies, so you might have to help the audience appreciate your characters better.
Music, sound effect or video can be used as accompaniment.
After 3 minutes (includes emcee time), the performer will be asked to leave the stage.

2)    Best home-made outfit.
Of the two characters put forward, one has to wear something that is not bought so we have a chance to award the best home-made costume.

How many entries do Houses have to send?
Each house is to send 2 representatives which means you have 6 minutes to show case both characters

How to get involved
You can approach your House Captains and Vice-House Captains to volunteer your help.

What do the rest of the school wear for ‘Dress and Pledge’?
All students and staff are requested to dress up as a character on that day. It can be a superhero, a famous scientist, an anime character, a character from a fairy tale, storybook, or movie, etc.
If you do not have an outfit, you can just wear your home clothes. However the fun is in the trying. Last year, some students wore simple masks. Some of the teachers dressed up as Hogwarts witches and wizards. What can you wear to be part of the fun?

What is the ‘pledge’ in the ‘Dress and Pledge’?
While we are having fun, we also remember those who are less fortunate and we will be collecting a donation for the needy and disadvantaged during assembly.

Any further enquires, please contact Ms Patricia Ng
Direct line: 65712414
Or via Facebook.


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