Thursday, June 6, 2013

(6 Jun 2013) InfoWatch - Digital Citizenship [DC 15]

As smartphones continue to lead the market, there will always be malicious apps lingering around dangerously as bait to trap. It is up to us to take that step be it, installing a mobile security pack or being meticulous about what to download to our phones.

How to avoid downloading malicious apps to our smartphone?
Below, we have listed some handy tips for to follow in order to ensure our phone is as smart as it should be.
  1. Before downloading any app, be it a game or a tool app, it is important that we research on the developer of the official app. For example, the fake Temple Run which appeared on the Marketplace did not indicate the same developer, Imangi Studios, as it did on the Apple Store.
  2. Pay attention to the list of security permissions that the app requires before downloading. Ensure that the app you are downloading do not ask for unnecessary permission to your smartphone. If something looks suspicious, do NOT take the risk. Just skip it.
  3. Install a Mobile Security app pack for the device. Some may say that it’s unnecessary but you will never know when these attacks can hit you.
  4. Read comments from users regarding the app before you download. It is great to get feedback from other users. They may be able to warn you of the dangers the app can bring you, along with the performance of it.
  5. Check how frequent the app has been downloaded. This may not be the most accurate way, but  if an app gets 3,000,000 downloads and a whole lot of positive reviews, you know you are on the right track. Stick to it!

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