Thursday, May 16, 2013

SST Student Congress on 22 May 2013

The SST Student Congress will take place on 22 May 2013, Wednesday from 7.30am - 1.35pm.

  • There are no lessons on that day and all students are expected to be in school uniform. 
  • Morning assembly will be held in the ISH as per normal. 

The purpose of the Student Congress is to allow us, as a whole school community, to uncover what we have done well in the past few years. It is an appropriate moment in our school's history to do this following the huge success we have had from the Official Opening Ceremony.

You will have a chance to share your positive experiences with the rest of the school community and also take part in vision-casting for the school.

Start dreaming, a dream for SST and join us on 22 May for the Student Congress.

From Mrs Sim
on behalf of the Student Leadership Board

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