Thursday, May 16, 2013

Post Exam Activities Timetable for Lower Secondary

Dear Students,

Please refer to the link for the Lower Secondary Post Exam Activities.

In addition, please note the following

1. Wear school uniforms for all days except for the Track and Field Meet, Secondary 1 Humanities Trail and on days when you have Outdoor Education (S&W attire). No CCA attire allowed.

2. Bring your LD only when you have ICT workshop, please bring charger and ensure that your LD is fully charged.

3.Sec 1 Humanities Trail 

Please wear S&W attire and bring the following

  • writing material
  • comfortable shoes for walking
  • adequate water provisions
  • small snacks to munch along the way (but remember not to litter). 
  •  pen 
  • clipboard (optional)
  • water bottle
  •  umbrella

Please DO NOT bring your LD.

4. Sec 2  Humanities Trail 

Please wear school uniform and bring the following:
 All handphones must be switched off and be placed inside the bag before 8.40am. (Supreme court doesn't allow use for photo taking etc) 

Please DO NOT bring your LD.


  1. Please do not bring your LD's, tablets, etc. unless you have been instructed to bring them for school activities. Thank you.

  2. There is a problem with the link. The timetable is not accessible. Please rectify it.
    Thank you.


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