Tuesday, May 14, 2013

(For Sec 3 Students) NRIC Registration Exercise by ICA - 15 May (1.00pm to 4.30pm)

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, Singapore (ICA) will be conducting its annual NRIC Registration Exercise for all Singapore Citizen/Singapore Permanent Resident (SC/SPR) students will be turning 15 years of age this year. 
  • Date: 15 May (Wednesday)
  • Operating Time: 1.00pm to 5.00pm.
  • Venue: Learning Oasis 1 (Block C, #03-12)
ICA has sent out detailed notification letters to all affected students through their parents in the past 2 weeks. 

Students are reminded to bring along the following for the Registration:- 
  • ICA notification letter; 
  • 1 recent passport-sized photograph (35x45 mm) with a matt/semi-matt finish; 
  • MOE Smartcard (Student EZ-Link card) with a top-up value of minimum $10.00 for SC students and $50 for SPR students; 
  • Original/photocopy of deed poll executed by both parents for change of name (including ethnic characters); 
  • Original and 1 photocopy of Baptism/Religious Certificate for insertion of religious name; 
  • For SPR only: Foreign passport, Certificate of Identity with valid Re-entry permit. 
Schedule for Registration (Click HERE to refer to schedule)
Note: Your respective Form Teacher will remind you as well.
  • Student Leadership Congress rehearsals: Students who are involved (total: 55) are permitted to go for the Registration earlier from 1.35pm to 2.00pm
  • Remaining students are to proceed for the Registration in accordance with the following class schedule: 
    • S3-01: 2.15pm
    • S3-02: 2.30pm
    • S3-03: 2.45pm
    • S3-04: 3.00pm
    • S3-05: 3.15pm
    • S3-06: 3.30pm
    • S3-07: 3.45pm
    • S3-08: 4.00pm
    • S3-09: 4.15pm
If any of the students are unable to be present for the Registration at the designated time, kindly inform Ms Suguna (at General Office) (email: suguna@sst.edu.sg). Absentees who are on MC that day will have to proceed to ICA personally with their parents to register for their NRICs. 

Ms Suguna
Student Affairs Executive

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