Thursday, May 9, 2013

Character Education 13 May (Monday)

We will be having Digital Citizenship / Cyberwellness  programme for Character Education (on 13 May).

In SST, Digital Citizenship comprises of Cyberwellness as well as elements of media literacy. As a future school with a one-to-one learning programme, it is therefore important that we embrace the importance of Cyberwellness as well as media literacy.

The four levels will be having differentiated programmes with different focus and they will be conducted during Monday Character Education period as follows:

Secondary 1
focus: Cyberwellness : Addiction to Gaming
speaker: from Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS)
venue: Multi Purpose Hall

Secondary 2
focus: Cyberwellness : Cyber Bullying
speaker: from MCYS
venue: Auditorium

Secondary 3
focus: Media Literacy: discernment or just ignorance
speaker: from MCYS
venue: Multi Purpose Hall

Secondary 4
focus: Media Literacy: through in-conversation series with the theme ' Harnessing the power of cyber/media in the 21st century' as informed and responsible citizens. This is with reference to social social entrepreneurship and future career.
speaker: Mr Aseem Thakur - 
Co-founder at
Social Entrepreneur
venue: Auditorium
facilitated by Cyberwellness ambassadors and Student Council.

Please be punctual and request your respective subject teachers to dismiss you about 5 minutes before end of lesson. 

Please observe the appropriate decorum and behaviour at all times. 

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