Wednesday, May 22, 2013

(22 May 2013) InfoWatch - Digital Citizenship [DC 14]

In this post we will see the dangers of Malicious apps.

Malicious, stubborn apps  have been appearing and many are able to collect sensitive and private data from our phone. Once a malicious app is installed on our phone, the hacker gets control of almost EVERYTHING. 

Some apps are even able to track your movements and whereabouts, making it an even more pertinent threat to your physical safety. In short, these cyber criminal can access our physical location, pictures, contacts, location, addresses and credit card information without our knowledge. How dangerously creepy is that?!

I don’t know how these apps got into my phone!

Most of us only realise when it’s too late.  Cyber criminals are pretty smart. They will not directly present to you a suspicious looking app and expect you to install it. So what’s the one thing they turn to? They disguise themselves in game applications!

Just recently, according to the article from Geek. Google has removed at least 10 apps from their Android Market which contain malicious code! Some of the apps are under the guise of Angry Birds add-ons and malware was found residing in these apps!

Another case revolved around the popular iPhone game, Temple Run. Many were unaware that the official Temple Run game was only released for Apple phones and that it was not on Android Market yet. However, it was recently announced that the official Temple Run will be released on the Marketplace on 27 March 2012. Before the press release was announced, bogus versions of Temple Run have already started making its presence on the Android Marketplace, thus allowing users to unknowingly download them along with the malware that comes with it!

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