Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reminder for all students involving in OOC (including Sec 4 audience)

Date: 13 April 2013 (Saturday)

Breakfast Timing
7.00 a.m. to 7.45 a.m.
Breakfast Venues:  
Sec 2s  - Blk C Level 2 (Outside ADMT Studio)
Sec 1s, 3s and 4s – Blk C Level 3 (Outside Learning Oasis 2)

Reporting Time at your respective venues/station for all students: 

Important things to note:
1. You should be in your appropriate attire on that day. If you are wearing formal (i.e. with tie), you should be wearing black dress/court shoes. Please confirm with your teacher in charge if you are unsure. 
2. Gauge your time wisely in terms of changing into your attire/costumes. By 0800hrs, you should be fully attired at your respective stations.
3. Certain stations require more time to set-up, so you should have a quick breakfast and then do the set-up asap. 
4. Observe exemplary behaviour at all times
5. If you are unwell, inform your teacher i/c asap so that the reserve can be activated on time to assume your duty

For further enquiries, please post as a comment in this blog post. We will respond to you the soonest possible.

From Mr Ron Tan
on behalf of the OOC committee


  1. Must all students attend? Is it compulsory?

  2. Dear Brian

    Audience attendance is only for Sec 4s. If you do not have any duties and is not from Sec 4, you aren't required to attend.

  3. But the Sec 1 pupils can still attend right?

  4. And if we can attend, should we wear our school uniform or wear formally with tie?


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