Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Advocacy Sessions Organised by Student Council

Advocacy Sessions Application (5th April 2013)

Advocacy Sessions is an initiative by the Student Council 2012 to provide students—who are passionate about and committed to a bona fide cause—the platform to talk about issues they feel strongly about and garner support for a positive change.
Through these sessions, students get to practice public speaking skills and are expected to demonstrate critical thinking and intellectual discourse when presenting their ideas. Students who need help or advice in the preparation of their presentation can approach any of the Student Council members or teachers-in-charge.

Sign up now! Advocate for something you believe in!

** Closing Date: 25 March 2013 (Monday)

P.S.: All applications will be vetted by the Organising Committee and students will be contacted regarding the outcome.

Your sst.edu.sg username will be recorded when you submit this form.

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online: 

Full Name *
(Eg. Hu Ah You)

Class *

SST Email Address *

Topic to Advocate For *

Mode of Presentation *
(Keynote, Skit, Drama, etc)

Short Write-up of the Topic and What is to be discussed *

Food For Thought
E.g. Questions/Quotations for students to think about and contribute ideas

(Optional) Any websites or reference materials which will further explain the topic

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