Thursday, January 3, 2013

Temperature Measurement Exercise (7 Jan 2013)

Dear Students,

The school will be conducting a temperature measurement exercise on Mon 7 Jan 2013.   Please bring along your personal Oral Digital Thermometers (ODT) on Friday 4 Jan 2013 and leave it in your lockers. Your Form Teachers will be checking that your thermometers are in good working condition on Friday 4 Jan 2013.  Thermometers are available for purchase at the bookshop.

Temperature Measurement Exercise On 7 Jan 2013
On Mon 7 Jan 2013, morning assembly and temperature measurement will be held in the classrooms. Please use your personal thermometers (no sharing allowed).   Please try to arrive in school before 8.35am, and in your classrooms before 8.40am.   For students who arrive in school after 8.35am, SST staff will direct you to the Atrium for your morning assembly and temperature measurement

Please note that students without a working thermometer on 7 Jan 2013 will be directed to purchase a new thermometer ($5) from the bookshop.

Thank You.

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