Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sec 1 Photo-Taking on 15 Jan

Dear Secondary 1 students,

Please note that there would be a photo-taking session on 15 Jan (Tues) from 8am - 11am. Each class would only require 15mins.  Your teachers will be releasing you 5 minutes earlier than the allotted time (See schedule below), so that you can make your way down to LO2 for the photo-taking. Students who are absent on 15 Jan will have their photos taken on 16 Jan (Wed) at 8am @LO2. 

Please attend the photo-taking session in your school uniform, even if you have S&W on that day. Please also ensure that your attire and grooming are in compliance with school policy. 

Sec 1 Photo Taking Schedule 15 Jan 2013 (Tues) @ LO2

1018.05am - 8.20am

1028.20am - 8.35am

1038.35am - 8.50am

1048.50am - 9.05am

1059.05am - 9.20am

1069.20am - 9.35am

10710.15am - 10.30am

10810.30am - 10.45am

10910.45am - 11.00am

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