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Y2013 S1: Pre-School Engagement Programme #2 PICASA Web Albums

Web definition (source:
Picasa is an image organizer and image viewer for organizing and editing digital photos, plus an integrated photo-sharing website, ...

Go to PICASA website to read how to organise your web albums.

  • Pay attention to how you can create and organise the albums
  • Explore how you can set the privacy/ access rights to the albums/ photos you have uploaded
  • Take note that you can present your album in an automated online presentation slides. We shall try this in one of the exercises subsequently.
Read up more if you intend to download PICASA 3.9 into your computer, in particular the settings as it might upload all your photos into the web album, which might not be desirable.


0. Take photos of the following (you may take more one photo in each of the following categories)

Note that these photos will be made inserted into a blog that you used to introduce yourself to the class subsequently.
  • My Favourite Story Book
  • My Favourite Toy
  • Handwritten form your name in English and in your Mother Tongue Language
  • An object from your pencil case/ school bag that you think is important or significant to you
  • Breakfast

1. Log in to the School Email Account. Click at "More" and choose "Photos"

2. Click at Upload and select the photos to be uploaded into the album

3. Enter the Album name: About Me before clicking "OK" at the bottom left corner.

4. On the right, you will notice that only you can edit/ view changes.

5.  Click at "edit" and change the visibility to "Limited, anyone with the link".

6. Add a caption to each photo to describe what it is.

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  1. To add on, you will find the following (posted by the Google Certified Teachers' Community) useful:

    Look out for
    1. HangOut video (from 7:30 onwards)
    2. Guide (link to doc)


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