Monday, December 17, 2012

Y2013 S1: Pre-School Engagement Programme #7 Glogster

To create digital posters, we can use multimedia applications like PowerPoint  or KeyNote. Very often, we convert these "slides" into images/ PDF files as  static display. There are some online "poster" creation platforms that permits dynamic displays (which includes video clips). Glogster is one of them.

1. Create a Glogster account

2. Choose the "Lyrics Glog" template

3. Identify a song that you like very much. Share the song - the video and lyrics in the poster; also include a paragraph to tell others why you like the song.

  • Use the title of the song as the heading of the poster.
  • You may use modify the template and insert other objects into the poster.

4. Save the poster. Click at "View This Glog". The Glog will be displayed.

Click HERE to view sample.

5. Scroll to the bottom and click at "Embed this Glog". 
Copy the code for "Blog size Glog 560x758".

6. Login to your blog. Create a new post entitled, "My Favourite Song".
Switch the posting mode to HTML and paste the HTML code there.

7. Switch back to "Compose" mode and the blog post should look like this:

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