Sunday, December 2, 2012

Y2013 S1: Pre-School Engagement Programme

Dear Y2013 Sec 1 Students

In December 2013, the ICT Department will be rolling out a series of web-based activities to prepare you for the ICT-enabled activities that you will go through in the new academic year.
Note: As you will be using web-based applications only, you can carry out these activities using any computers that are connected to the internet. It is not necessary to do these activities with a macbook. 

You will be required to do blogging on the 1st day of school (2 January 2013).

Starting from 2 December, the activities will be posted up in the Students blog. If you miss anyone of them, simply refer to the left panel and filter the blog posts that come with the label "Pre-School Engagement Programme". The related posts will be displayed.

Look out for new activities on the following days:
  • #1: 2 December 2012 (Sunday) Overview
  • #2: 5 December 2012 (Wednesday) PICASA
  • #3: 7 December 2012 (Friday) GoogleMap
  • #4: 10 December 2012 (Monday) Blogging (I)
  • #5: 12 December 2012 (Wednesday) Blogging (II)
  • #6: 14 December 2012 (Friday) WallWisher and Linoit
  • #7: 17 December 2012 (Monday) Glogster
  • #8: 19 December 2012 (Wednesday) Popplet

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