Monday, December 3, 2012

Y2013 S1: List of Applications for New Students

Dear Y2013 S1 Students,

This is the list of software you will need install in your Macbooks when the school term starts next month. You can click on each software name and you will be brought the software developer's website to download the relevant software.

1. Google Earth

2. SketchUp

3. HandBreak

4. Firefox

5. Google Chrome

6. Flip4Mac

7. Flash Player for Mac

8. Shockwave

9. VLC Player and codec

10.1. Sophos  - (For Mac OS X 10.8)

10.2. Sophos - (For Mac OS X 10.7)

11. GeoGebra

12. MindNode (Require Apple ID to download)

13. Picasa

14. Epson - direct projection software

15. Java

16. Mathematica Player

17. Graphmatics for Mac

For those of you who choose to purchase your learning devices from NCS/QCD during registration, you will receive your Macbooks pre-loaded with all these software.


  1. What do we do for 'Epson - direct projection software'?

  2. The link was broken. Please try again.


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