Monday, December 31, 2012

20121231 (Y2013: S2, S3, S4) Invitation to Class Blogs

Dear Sec 2, Sec 3 & Sec 4 Students

We will be inviting you to be the co-authors of your respective class blogs via your SST email account.

If you have not activated your Blogger account with your school email account, you are advised to set up the account before accepting the invitation.

  • During the setting up, you are likely prompted to choose a Profile Option. 
  • Select "Blogger Profile" (Create a limited Blogger Profile) [on the right]

Meanwhile, under the email account, please set-up your Google+ account.

  • Sec 3 & Sec 4: You can set-up anytime from now
  • Sec 2: The domain will only be activated from 1 January 2013

When prompted to set up the account, please take special care when declaring your year of birth (if promoted to). Google has been strict in limiting the access to users who are 13 and above only (as of Date of Birth).
Some teachers may start using the Google Community for interaction.

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