Monday, December 31, 2012

20121231 (Y2013: S1) Invitation to Class Blogs

Dear Sec 1 Students

By now, we hope that you have made an attempt on the Pre-School Engagement activities :)

As mentioned during the briefing and the blog posts, the main objective is to familiarise you with some of the platforms that you will be using (quite often) during lessons, for your learning activities. Some of you have submitted pretty interesting and impressive work :)

You are expected to have activated your Blog Account by now with the school email account given. We will be inviting you to be co-authors of the class blog these 2 days. Please accept the invitation so that you can contribute to the class blog. More teachers will be inviting you to be co-authors of subject blogs in these 2 weeks.

If you have not activated your Blogger account with your school email account, you are advised to set up the account before accepting the invitation.

  • During the setting up, you are likely prompted to choose a Profile Option. 
  • Select "Blogger Profile" (Create a limited Blogger Profile) [on the right]
  • Do NOT choose Google+ Profile.
    • This is because Google has been strict in limiting the access to users who are 13 years and above based on date of birth. So, Sec 1s are unable to use Google+

Should you encounter any problem to access your email, you may send your enquiry to Mr Jonathan Chua (

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