Friday, November 23, 2012

Y2013 S1 ICT-related matters & Macbook Purchase Update

Dear Parents and Students

(1) The materials related to the Macbook Bundle available through NCS.
  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Order Form of Macbook Bundle
    • For parents who intend to purchase the bundle online, please note that the URL of the online store printed in the hardcopy order is incorrect.
      It should be
  3. Macbooks Comparison Table 
  4. AppleCare Protection Plan: Website version; Complete version
  5. Rizkcare Assurance
  6. iWork Purchase Guide
    • You will be required to create an Apple ID in order to make the purchase and install the software in the computer. This Apple ID & password is linked to your Credit Card Account information.
    • Parents are strongly advised to keep the password of your Apple ID confidential and do NOT to disclose it to your child.

Order & Collection schedule (from NCS)

(2) Presentation Slides for Briefing on 23 November 2012 (Sec 1 Registration Day)
Click HERE to view slides.

(3) Students' Email Account
We are also pleased to inform all that the Students' email accounts are now ready. Please login to the account; and check the account regularly for updates/ news.

(4) You are strongly encouraged to follow this blog so that you would be notify of any new posts put up in the blog.

Click HERE to view matters pertaining to Digital Citizenship: Acceptable Use Policy, Configuration of  Parental Control in Macbook

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