Friday, November 23, 2012

Welcome to the Students Blog 2013!

It's the SST Tradition! 

Every year, the Sec 1 Registration Day marks with the launch of the Students Blog for the upcoming academic year.
This is a place where you find general announcements to the school community, which includes opportunities for you to stretch yourself or seek passion in. 

You are strongly encouraged to "follow" the blog so that you will not miss out any new announcements here.

To all Y2013 Secondary 1 Students:

In SST, we adopt technology as a way of life. Ubiquitous use of technology takes place not just in classrooms, but also in co-curricular programmes. Students would be equipped with the technology skills and life skills to use ICT responsibly for learning, social interaction and recreation. We believe our digital natives are adventurous, enthusiastic and possess lots of initiative - important characteristics of technology-savvy 21st century citizens. They explore, try and discover! They will explore the unlimited possibilities and strive for excellence.

Fear not, you are not on your own. The teachers and your senirs are around to get you started with this exciting journey. Welcome to the Whole New Way of Learning!

To the Seniors (Y2013 Sec 2, Sec 3 & Sec 4):

The juniors are going to look up to you for guidance, especially when comes to getting assimilate into the SST culture and learning environment. Do point out to them resources and useful materials that are available virtually in this gateway.

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